The Top 10 Games of 2023


Despite record revenues, 2023 has been an extremely difficult year for the video game industry, with frequent layoffs occurring across the board. It’s hard to appreciate how amazing games are without also seeing how many corporations have handled the people who created those very games. While we at techhiveblogs love to spotlight amazing new games, it’s vital to remember the human cost of this year, which has been estimated to be over 7,000 jobs lost in the gaming industry alone.

We love games (just in case the name “techhiveblogs” wasn’t a good indicator), so even though we acknowledge that the industry needs to address serious issues regarding how game developers are treated, we can still talk about how amazing the games have been and which ones are our favorites. That’s the purpose of this gallery: as a publication, we gathered together to discuss every game we each played this year and come to a consensus on the top 2023 games. 

Our opinions on the top games of the year are provided below, but we also recommend that you consider the human aspect of gaming and catch up on the biggest gaming news of 2023, which includes information on layoffs, increased use of AI, and even more acquisitions. This will give you a more thorough understanding of how significant portions of the gaming industry may be becoming unsustainable.

Here are techhiveblogs’s selections for the top ten games of 2023, arranged alphabetically to take into account games that were launched in prior years but underwent significant updates or changes this year.

Alan Wake II

Alan Wake II

Available on the PS5, Xbox a series X|S, and PC

It seemed improbable that we would see a true Alan Wake II, a triple-A sequel, instead of a more bite-sized, low-budget spin-off like 2012’s American Nightmare, considering the many years that had passed since the release of the original Alan Wake, which had apparently not been a major commercial success, an industry trend moving toward live-service games, and numerous other factors. All that aficionados of Remedy’s games, and particularly Alan Wake, could have wished for was that it simply exists. However, Alan Wake II’s actual content greatly exceeds even the most optimistic notions of its potential.

Remedy takes a number of risks with Alan Wake II: moving into the survival-horror genre; adding a second playable character, Saga Anderson, whose story can be freely played alongside Alan’s at any time; embracing Remedy’s love of live-action and incorporating it in a way that feels right and elevates everything around it; and, maybe most importantly, embracing that distinctively weird Remedy style.

Everything here serves the tale, which is excellent in every way—from the writing to the acting to the several levels the story is told on. The first is the surface-level narrative, in which the title character tries to write his way out of a more than ten-year stay in the Dark Place, while Saga looks into ritualistic deaths and becomes unintentionally involved in the events. 

Apart from that, there’s the analysis of impostor syndrome, the ongoing development of the Remedy Connected Universe, and the meta-narrative it conveys regarding Remedy’s protracted battle to create the game you’re currently playing. with it does it flawlessly, leaving you with a story that will likely stick with us for months or possibly years to come with a ton of loose ends to sort out.

Whether you are visiting a disquieting coffee-themed amusement park, exploring the New York City-like Dark Place, complete with its aggressive graffiti and signage that assail Alan’s psyche at every turn, or simply meandering through the woods, hoping for a glimpse of sunlight to break through the vast, looming set of tree branches overhead and provide you with a brief respite from the oppressive darkness, Alan Wake II creates an eerie atmosphere throughout. However, it also has a great sense of humor and plenty of levity, which Remedy effortlessly strikes a balance between. Even so, Alan Wake II feels more assured and self-assured as a stand-alone title than the obviously Twin Peaks-inspired original game.

Alan Wake II is further elevated by a 20-minute segment that is one of the most unforgettable scenes ever, combining live action, music, and survival horror in a way that is astoundingly amazing and might even surpass Control’s Ashtray Maze.

Fans of Alan Wake have had to endure a long and difficult wait to find out what lies ahead for the character and the franchise, but the wait was well worth it. Alan Wake is a great success. — Chris Pereira

Baldur's Gate III

Baldurs Gate III Tech Hive Blogs

Available on the PS5, PC

Despite the fact that Dungeons & Dragons is renowned for its thick manuals and extensive rule sets, every seasoned dungeon master will tell you that there is one fundamental principle of the game that supersedes all others: Aim to say “no” as seldom as you can. Dungeon masters face a challenging challenge because they must be nimble thinkers who are willing to adapt to changing circumstances and discard even the most well-laid plans when players deviate from the intended path. However, it’s an even more incredible accomplishment for a video game that lacks the luxury of having a second player, piecing together new plots and NPCs with the speed of a die roll. This is exactly what makes Baldur’s Gate III so astounding.

There’s something limitless about Baldur’s Gate III, even though it’s a finished, solid game. The game continually takes into account everything you say, do, and be, which leads to dozens of possible outcomes for players, none of which are inherently more “correct” than the others. Want to finish the campaign by yourself, eliminating or infuriating every teammate you can? Doable, but not recommended. Do you want to be so charismatic that you can talk your way out of almost any situation? Proceed immediately. You can fight the real devil, unleash a horde of vampires, become a deity, level cities, have cosmic sex, and even eat one of your allies by probing, testing, and pushing every last one of the game’s seemingly nonexistent limitations. negative manner. But in the other manner as well.

Every component of Baldur’s Gate III is controlled by the player (as well as those annoying dice), resulting in an incredibly complex and flawless permutation that has never been seen before. Even if that aspect alone makes Baldur’s Gate III a new standard for role-playing games, the game also has a lot going for it, including amazing music, gorgeous settings, a deep universe, thrilling combat that encourages creativity, and a fantastic cast of characters. Very few games can match the voice acting and accompanying animations in Baldur’s Gate III. 

The language is also incredibly real, emotional, and wickedly amusing, making it easy to fall in love with any member of the group, even those with icy, unfeeling exteriors. An accomplishment in gaming, Baldur’s Gate III is an RPG you simply must play to see what games are truly capable of. — Jessica Howard

Cyberpunk 2077:

Cyberpunk 2077:

Playable on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S is Phantom Liberty.

When will you play Cyberpunk 2077? Without a doubt, the answer is yes. For the sci-fi role-playing game CD Projekt Red, 2023 was a major year. The 2.0 upgrade included vehicular combat, redesigned skill trees, and updated cyberware. As a result, the combat system is quick, smooth, and crunchy, accommodating a variety of playstyles and setups. Do you want to swing a katana and run? Not an issue. Do you want to use a shiny pair of gorilla arms to crush your enemies? Simple. Including years of bug fixes and support, Cyberpunk 2077 is among the top action role-playing games available.

However, Patch 2.0 only provides a portion of CD Projekt Red’s triumph. Phantom Liberty, a cleverly written spy thriller extension set in the filthy new Dogtown neighborhood, was also released in 2023. Even though Dogtown is a part of Night City, its rich past and general lack of police enforcement give it a distinct vibe. Every place V goes and every job they finish contributes to this universe and its chaos. Unlike the first game, everything feels integrated and unified.

The plot and characters of Phantom Liberty, however, are its greatest accomplishments. V is unable to escape the ongoing conflict between the New United States and a savage warlord, all the while forming shaky bonds with Solomon Reed, a sleeper agent, and Songbird, a skilled netrunner. Phantom Liberty is centered around its characters. The game frequently asks the issue, “How well can you actually know someone?” in a manner reminiscent of an espionage thriller. Plot twists and discoveries will continue to upend your perception of some characters in Phantom Liberty, even as the film nears its conclusion. It will leave you with mixed feelings, though.

The story’s well-paced conclusion presents me with one of the hardest choices I’ve ever had to make in a video game. Regardless of the decision, V will destroy relationships and there is no right or wrong. Two very different but equally bold, daring, and satisfying endings follow. From beginning to end, Phantom Liberty is a masterfully designed expansion that displays CD Projekt Red at the pinnacle of their abilities. — Jake Dekker

Hi-Fi Rush

Hi-Fi Rush

 Available on the Xbox Series X|S, PC, the Xbox Cloud Gaming

Not only is Hi-Fi Rush an amazing game, but it was completely unknown until its January release by Bethesda and Tango Gameworks. This made it one of the biggest surprises of 2023. Not to be confused with Devil May Cry, but a very playful and joyful action game that succeeds as both an unexpected rebirth of the rhythm genre and a peer to it was produced by a firm founded by the godfather of survival-horror and renowned only for scary games. It’s amazing that this is the first game of its kind from a studio that usually creates gloomy and dismal titles.

Hi-Fi Rush incorporates music as a key gameplay element rather than just using it to set the tone for its hectic battles against deadly robots (which are much cuter than they sound). Everything in the game moves to the rhythm, including the surroundings and characters, so you’ll want to keep up with the fast-paced action. You may still progress through the game largely disregarding timing, so it’s not necessary, but getting down to those beats will let you score better and do the most amazing actions.

What excellent beats those are. Hi-Fi Rush’s soundtrack, which combines masterfully chosen licensed music with original songs, is like listening to the soundtrack of a perfect summer day except that it has just the right amount of drama and intensity to give the boss fights some weight without ever losing that carefree, carefree feeling. The soundtrack, which has some wonderful original songs with soaring guitar solos and powerful crescendos, sadly does not include Katrina and the Waves.

But perhaps the biggest accomplishment of Hi-Fi Rush is that they initiated the Year of the Himbo. While it’s true that Travis Kelce is currently the center of attention due to his previously deleted tweets about feeding a “squirle,” rockstar-in-waiting Chai had a great start to the year. Despite being incredibly bad at almost everything, even playing the guitar, he is the kind of video game hero you would always want to hang out with but would never bet on in a battle. Like the ideal record, as we got to the finish we were eager to start the whole thing over again, so all we can hope is that this isn’t the last time we see Chai and his buddies. But honestly, will you kindly make another? — Gurwin Gabe

Hitman Freelancer

Hitman Freelancer Tech Hive Blogs

 Available on PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox the series X|S, Xbox One, and PC

IO Interactive worked on the World of Assassination trilogy between 2016 and 2021 in an effort to enhance and promote its popular Hitman series. Many of the biggest fans of the franchise, including this author, believe that by the time Hitman 3 came out in 2021, the team had essentially perfected it, which is why the game was included in techhiveblogstechhiveblogs s Best Of list that year.

Two years after receiving that honor, Agent 47 makes an appearance on our year-end list once more, this time around because of the game’s significant (and free) upgrade, Freelancer, which turns the game into a roguelite mode that reinvents but never compromises on what made the original so amazing. In contrast to Hitman, which has always been a game about meticulous planning that can eventually lead to anarchy, Hitman Freelancer plunges you straight into the turmoil. The conveniences of picking your entrance point, disguise, and initial weapons and gear are gone.

Rather, the purpose is to complete an infinite number of campaigns, or 18 effective missions, per run, each with unique goals, side objectives, and challenges. The fact that no two missions are ever the same breathes fresh life into what was already one of the best-supported single-player games. Touchpoints from the previous supplemental modes of the game are combined into one amazing experience in Hitman Freelancer. 

A single mistake might return you to the beginning of the campaign, much like Elusive Targets, and the way adversary awareness and difficulty increase over the course of a run is similar to the game’s Escalation Contracts. It’s as if Agent 47 is now a member of a jam band rather than a math rock group. The absence of certain consistently predictable aspects, like who your target is, where they might travel, and what tools you’ll start with, transforms the game from one of excellent planning into one of masterful improvisation.

The most surprising aspect of the game mode, though, is what elevates it above Hitman’s already excellent recreation of the main gameplay loop. Agent 47 stays out at a safehouse that you may customize room by room and decoration by decoration in between missions. It truly works, even if I had no idea I needed a small Sims in my Hitman. Hitman Freelancer is a game that stands as a shining example of single-player post-launch support, with a lengthy 100-level system full of new rooms to unlock and home decor to take with you into missions. It also has an endlessly fun standalone mode that makes it one of the best games I’ve ever played. Read More— Delaney Mark


In a year marked by challenges within the gaming industry, techhiveblogs ‘s list of the top 10 games for 2023 celebrates the resilience and creativity of game developers. Despite acknowledging the human cost of industry issues, techhiveblogs aims to highlight the positive aspects of gaming—the incredible experiences that games can offer.

Techhiveblogs encourages readers to consider the broader context of the gaming industry, including challenges such as layoffs and increased use of AI. The editorial team emphasizes the importance of recognizing the people behind the games while still appreciating the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into creating remarkable gaming experiences.


Are these games exclusive to specific platforms?

No, the mentioned /games are available on various platforms, including PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Check each game’s availability on its respective platforms.

What criteria did techhiveblogs use to select these top 10 games?

Techhiveblogs ‘s selection is based on the editorial team’s discussions and consensus. The list considers the overall gaming experience, innovation, storytelling, and other factors that contribute to the games’ excellence.

Did techhiveblogs consider the industry challenges in 2023 while creating this list?

Yes, techhiveblogs acknowledges the challenges faced by the gaming industry in 2023, including layoffs and other issues. The introduction to the list emphasizes the importance of recognizing the human aspect of the industry while celebrating the excellence of the games.

Are there any specific genres dominating the top 10 list?

The list includes a diverse range of genres, from survival horror (Alan Wake II) to role-playing games (Baldur’s Gate III, Octopath Traveler II) and action-adventure (Super Mario Bros. Wonder,Zelda’s Story: Tears of the Kingdom). It reflects the variety in gaming experiences.

How significant are updates and remakes in the top 10 list?

Several games, like Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty and Resident Evil 4 Remake, showcase the impact of updates and remakes. Techhiveblogs considers not only new releases but also significant updates or changes that enhance the gaming experience.

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