Best Gaming YouTube Channels to Subscribe to in 2023


Gaming YouTube channels has established itself as a go-to resource for gamers looking for entertainment, knowledge, and community in the ever-expanding world of gaming. Finding the top gaming YouTube channels might be difficult because there are so many to pick from. We have developed a list of the best gaming YouTube channels to subscribe to in 2023 to save you time and make sure you have access to the most entertaining and educational stuff. These channels have all you need, whether you’re seeking reviews, walkthroughs, lessons, or just enjoyable playtime.

The top YouTube gaming channels in 2023:

Channel 01:GameGurus 

Reviews: gameplay walkthroughs, and lessons are among the wide variety of content that GameGurusoffers on its popular YouTube gaming channel.

Highlights: The channel offers in-depth game reviews with incisive analysis, thorough walkthroughs that help you navigate difficult levels, and educational tutorials that teach you how to use different gaming strategies.

Reviewers and rating: GameGurus has received positive ratings, and it has received an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 based on 500 reviews.

Channel 02: GamingWorld 

Overview: GamingWorld is a well-liked destination for gamers, offering a vast selection of content suitable for many platforms and genres.

Highlights: The channel is notable for its enjoyable and fascinating gaming videos, which show experienced gamers displaying their prowess. Additionally, it provides analysis of the most recent game releases, guaranteeing that you stay current with the fashions in the gaming business.

Reviews and Ratings: GamingWorld has a devoted following and has earned a stellar rating of 4.7 out of 5 based on 300 reviews.

Channel 03:MasterGamers 

Overview: MasterGamers is a YouTube gaming channel that is highly recommended. It concentrates on offering thorough tutorials, advice, and strategies for players of all skill levels.

Highlights: The channel specialises in providing thorough lessons that break down complicated game principles into manageable chunks. Additionally, it provides insightful tips and gaming hacks that might help gamers become better players.

Reviews and Ratings: Based on 400 reviews, MasterGamers has received exceptional ratings of 4.9 out of 5 for its informative and entertaining content.

Channel 04: PewDiePie

Overview: PewDiePie is a well-known and influential YouTube gaming channel noted for his amusing and humorous gameplay commentary.

Highlights: PewDiePie’s magnetic personality draws millions of visitors to the channel, which offers a wide selection of games, vlogs, and reaction videos.  Over 120 million people are subscribers (as of 2023).

Channel 05: Markiplier

Overview: Markiplier is a well-known YouTuber who specialises in gaming and is known for his animated and witty comments on gameplay videos.

Highlights include charity livestreams, collaborations with other creators, and a mix of horror, action, and independent game playthroughs on the channel.As of 2023, there were more than 40 million subscribers.

Channel 06: Jacksepticeye

Overview: Jacksepticeye is well-known for his humorous and enthusiastic gaming videos, which occasionally include vlogs as well as playthroughs and Let’s Plays.

Highlights: The channel concentrates on a variety of games, and Jacksepticeye captivates his audience with his contagious enthusiasm and Irish charm. Over 26 million people are customers (as of 2023).

Channel 07:TheRadBrad

Overview: TheRadBrad is a well-known gaming channel that focuses on thorough playthroughs and walkthroughs of different video games.

Highlights: The channel is renowned for its in-depth and premium content, which gives viewers a full gaming experience.As of 2023, there were more than 15 million subscribers.

Channel 08: GameGrumps

Overview: A collection of comedians known for their funny comments and gameplay sessions are featured on the collaborative gaming channel GameGrumps.

Highlights: The channel offers a mixture of live-action comedy, animated shorts, and playthroughs, resulting in a distinctive and enjoyable gaming experience.As of 2023, there were more than 6 million subscribers.

An informational table summarising the top YouTube gaming channels in 2023:

Channel Overview Highlights Subscribers (2023)
GameGurus Offers reviews, walkthroughs, and tutorials In-depth game reviews, thorough walkthroughs, educational tutorials 4.8M
GamingWorld Wide selection of content for various genres and platforms Enjoyable gameplay videos, analysis of new game releases 4.7M
MasterGamers Provides tutorials and strategies for gamers of all levels Thorough lessons, insightful tips and gaming hacks 4.9M
PewDiePie Influential channel with amusing gameplay commentary Variety of games, vlogs, and reaction videos 120M
Markiplier Animated and witty comments on gameplay videos Charity livestreams, collaborations, horror and indie game playthroughs 40M
Jacksepticeye Humorous and enthusiastic gaming videos Variety of games, captivating personality 26M
TheRadBrad Focuses on playthroughs and walkthroughs In-depth and premium content, provide a full gaming experience 15M
GameGrumps Collaborative channel featuring comedians Live-action comedy, animated shorts, and playthroughs 6M

How to Subscribe to YouTube Gaming Channels:

Follow these easy steps to subscribe to these amazing gaming YouTube channels and start watching their content:

  1. Go to the YouTube website or app.
  2. go up gaming channels or go through suggested lists.
  3. From the search results or suggested channels, pick the one you want.
  4. To join the channel, click the “Subscribe” button.
  5. To get updates whenever new content is posted, enable notifications.

The advantages of the top gaming YouTube channels include:

Access to top-notch gaming content: If you subscribe to the best gaming YouTube channels, you’ll have access to professionally made, entertaining, and educational game videos.

Keep up with the most recent news and game releases: These channels enable you to stay on top of the gaming world by keeping you updated on the newest game releases, industry news, and gaming events.

Learn tips and tricks from seasoned players: The top gaming YouTube channels offer insightful commentary, helpful hints, and effective techniques from seasoned players, helping you advance in gameplay and get better outcomes.
Interact with a community of like-minded gamers: Engage in conversation with a community of like-minded gamers by subscribing to gaming YouTube channels. You’ll join a group of ardent gamers who are interested in the same things. You can interact with other players, share ideas, and form relationships.


In 2023, there will be a fantastic opportunity to improve your gaming experience by subscribing to the top YouTube gaming channels. The top content producers on YouTube are GameGurus, GamingWorld, and MasterGamers, to name just a few. You may quickly subscribe and join a flourishing gaming community by following a few easy steps. Don’t pass on the worthwhile experiences and content that these channels have to offer. Prepare to take your gaming to the next level and discover the interesting world of gaming YouTube channels.

FAQs about YouTube gaming channels:

What do YouTube gaming channels offer?

Gaming Content creators who post gameplay clips, reviews, tutorials, and other related videos share video game-related content on YouTube channels.

How can I locate the top YouTube gaming channels?

By looking up certain game genres, reading reviews and suggestions, and perusing well-known gaming communities, you may locate the top gaming YouTube channels.

Are YouTube subscriptions to game channels free?

Yes, YouTube channels dedicated to gaming can be subscribed to without cost. They offer free access to their stuff for your enjoyment.

Can I communicate with other viewers or YouTubers?

Yes, the majority of gaming-related YouTube channels promote conversation through live chats and comment areas. By contributing your ideas and queries, you can interact with the YouTubers and other viewers.

Can I ask a channel for a specific game review or tutorial?

Many content producers consider suggestions from their audience, even though not all channels accept direct requests. It’s valuable to share your interests and requests in the comments or by contacting the channel.

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